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We care about your health and wellbeing – so we will always take an X-ray to ensure it’s safe to extract your wisdom teeth. We have the latest technology on site, to be able to detect the location of your sinus and nerves, with an OPG Xray. We are one of very few dentists in Geelong with this technology on-site.

Do you have sedation?

At our practice, patient comfort is paramount. And while we use the strongest anaesthetics, to ensure you won’t feel a thing, we also have some other options which may help you relax.

We can prescribe Diazepam (like Valium) to help make the procedure go much smoother for you. You can’t drive to or from your appointment – as you must have someone drive for you. We will discuss if this is suitable for you, at our consultation, before we book you in for the procedure. It’s not for everyone. But it’s also quite commonly used.

This is probably the most common way that people have their wisdom teeth out, in the dental chair. They are sedated, into a happy, relaxed state, while the dentist works quickly and efficiently to remove the teeth. It adds about 15 mins to the treatment time, but you will come out of it within a few mins – and just need to relax with us before it’s time to drive home. We will discuss if Happy Gas is an option for you.

We have a visiting Specialist  Anaesthetist who can assist with putting you “out” for the period of your wisdom teeth surgery. We offer this in the practice 2 days a month. We offer once a month in hospitals for those with more complex health care needs.

If you have a very complex wisdom teeth situation, we may refer you to see a specialist. They will assist you with the start to finish of your procedure, either at their rooms, or in a hospital or day surgery centre.

Do Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

Also called the third molars, wisdom teeth erupt from the late teen years to the early /mid 20s. You may be wondering if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. To make that determination, we would take an OPG X-ray which looks at the rear teeth and enables us to see which direction the tooth is moving in.   And if there is space for them to make their way out.

If we see that there’s space for the tooth to come through your wisdom teeth may not need to be extracted.

If, however, we see that your wisdom teeth are impacted, we can surgically remove them . Wisdom teeth removal is usually more complex than a regular tooth extraction and may require a few days off work (with a doctors certificate) and bed rest after the extractions.

We have sedation options for complex cases or nervous patients.  From medicated sedation, to Nitrous (Happy Gas), or Sleep Dentistry (General Anaesthetic).

At Dental Hub Geelong, we’ll support you back to your happy smile. We will provide you with information to get you through.

So if you are experiencing Wisdom Teeth Pain, then make a booking for a free consultation, to see if we can assist you. Simply call us on (03) 4224 0066 or use the BOOK NOW button below.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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