A flawless smile is possible, even if dental issues have been holding you back. At Dental Hub Geelong, we offer full mouth rehabilitation for patients with severely worn down or broken teeth that can still be fixed. We restore both the appearance and function of your teeth so you can look and feel your best long term.

Customise Your New Smile

Regular clenching and grinding can wear away at your smile, leading to shortened teeth, pointed teeth, and a collapsed bite. Many of our patients are also missing a few teeth.

We address both cosmetic and functional issues. In addition to opening your bite and creating the tooth structure you’ve lost, we’ll collaborate with you to design your dream smile. We labour over every detail and let you choose your preferred shade, colouring, size, and shape to create a stunning final result.

High-Tech Digital and Physical Models

We’ll start with a comprehensive examination and record review to decide if this is the right treatment for your situation. After that, we’ll have you come back for a second consultation, where we’ll take impressions to make a diagnostic wax-up model or Digital Smile Design.

We’re proud to offer the latest scanning technology, taking a series of photos to create an accurate preview of the end result.

Treatment and Follow-up

At your final consultation, we’ll cover cost and treatment plans so you understand exactly what we can do for you. Treatment will then take place over a series of appointments as we rework one section of the mouth at a time.

Afterwards, we recommend following up with rigorous oral hygiene and regular appointments to stay on top of any issues. If clenching and grinding contributed to your dental breakdown, we may also recommend an occlusal splint to make sure the restorations last.

Book Your Consultation Now

Reach out today to schedule your first examination. We’d love to custom design you a smile that functions and looks incredible.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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