While it’s always ideal to keep all of your natural teeth there may be times when it’s necessary to have a tooth extracted. If you’re wondering if you will need a tooth extracted we will run a series of tests and possibly an x-ray to determine what is happening with the tooth first.
If a tooth needs to be extracted, it usually means it can’t be filled or saved through a root canal. Some patients choose extraction because of cost concerns or they don’t see the value of keeping the tooth – but be aware that a missing tooth means the tooth next to it, and on the other jaw, can actually move into the gap…

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Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that removes the tooth as well as the tooth root. During a tooth extraction, the entire tooth is removed for one of the following reasons: to help correct misalignment or to address a damaged tooth that cannot be repaired.

Will It Hurt?

At our practice, patient comfort is of utmost importance. Before we remove your tooth we’ll make sure the area is completely numb. We also can provide sedation options if you feel anxious.


Before you leave we will give you some aftercare instructions and a prescription for painkillers if you need them. You also will be given antibiotics to protect against infection.

We also ask that you refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol for the two to three days after. That’s because that period is when you will have the biggest risk of infection entering the extraction site and causing complications.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We have the expertise to help with your wisdom teeth extractions too.

We have sedation options for complex cases or nervous patients. From medicated sedation, to Nitrous, or Sleep Dentistry.

At Dental Hub Geelong, we’ll support you back to your happy smile. We will provide you with information to get you through.

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