Barwon Healh and other public health clinics, sometimes issue a voucher for patients to have treatment in a private clinic – to help cut down their waiting lists.   So if you have been given a VEDG or VGDS dental voucher by your local community health service, then give us a call at Dental Hub Geelong.  You can book online 24/7/365, or call us during opening hours…

What Do Vouchers Cover?

The voucher will have an issue ate, and has to be used fully within either 2 days or 3 months of issue. Each voucher carries conditions about the co-payment required. The different types of vouchers cover different things:

VEDS – Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme

Toothache management (ie extracton, filling)

Start a root canal (but you may need to pay for the completion yourself)

Severe gum inflammation

In limited cases, wisdom teeth removal

VGDS – Victorian General Dental Scheme

Toothache management (ie extracton, filling)

Finish a root canal

Wisdom teeth removal

General check up & clean

VDS – Victorian Denture Scheme

New dentures

Denture repairs

Denture add ins

Will the voucher cover everything?

It depends on your situation. Vouchers come with a co-payment rule (ie $30 per visit is normal – which you pay when you arrive for your appointment). If you need more treatment than is stated on the voucher, we do offer payment arrangements for the additional treatment. And it is possible to combine dental extras for some items, and vouchers for others if you do have health insurance.

Schedule an Appointment

If you’ have a voucher, it is best to give us a call to let us know the voucher you have, and the issues you are experiencing, o we can choose the best time for you. So contact our Geelong dental clinic straight away to book your time.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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